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Source: Suzanne T.

Added to Joy's website: November 12, 2012

When I first started seeing Joy for acupuncture, my fertility doctor had just told me I had less than a 5% chance of conceiving a baby with my own eggs, even IVF. I was devastated. I met my husband later in life and we started trying to conceive right away; we did get pregnant fairly quickly but we had a miscarriage. By the time we could try again, all of our testing showed that my ovarian reserves had diminished significantly. I was shocked that it changed so drastically in just a 6 month period, I had just turned 42 years old. 

After this disappointing diagnosis, I started seeing Joy for acupuncture twice a week and continued to see my doctor. My doctor recommended I have a donor egg consultation, which I did reluctantly. Using donor eggs is a great option but accepting that my fertility was over was very very difficult for me. I felt as though I had missed my chance to have my own genetic children. It was also emotionally difficult to go though test after test and just get negative news. 

My visits with Joy in her office gave me hope. She always believed that I could conceive and gave me advice on how to change my lifestyle to increase my chances. My treatment sessions with her were wonderfully rejuvenating and I left her office feeling that I was able to do something proactive for my body. 

Within just a couple of months I had a positive pregnancy test, naturally, without any assistance, no drugs, IUI or IVF. We were so hopeful and amazed, however, my doctor told us we had a 55% chance of miscarrying. UGH, more depressing news. The thought of going through another miscarriage was more than I could bear. However, I continued my frequent acupuncture sessions with Joy and continued to have hope. We made it through one ultrasound after another with a heartbeat and normal growth of the baby. All of our genetic testing and screenings have been great. 

At 27 weeks, our baby was breech and we worked with Joy to help her turn so that we can have our best chance at a vaginal delivery. Several weeks later at an ultrasound, we got confirmation that she had flipped and is now head down! Now I am at 39 weeks and I am working with Joy to use acupuncture to prepare my body for labor, which could literally happen anytime now.

I am so grateful that I met Joy and started working with her. I can not say enough about her generosity of spirit, her compassion and her amazing intuititon. Her practice has been the perfect thing to help us meet our goals of starting a family and her friendship and support have been invaluable in getting me through a very difficult time time!



Source: Carole K. of Centennial, CO

Added to Joy's website: November 5, 2012

I've been a rheumatoid arthritis patient for over 20 years, during which yearly x-rays and blood tests check my body for thinning of the bones and elevated levels of synovial fluid in the joints – both characteristics of rheumatoid arthritis. For over 10 years, I injected ENBREL, a Tier 4 designer drug, once a week. According to my doctor if the rheumatoid gets worse, my choices include higher doses and more frequent injections of ENBREL, HUMIRA (adalimumab), a mix of HUMIRA and/or ENBREL with a Methotrexate pill (very hard on the liver), or, if none of the above works, intravenous injections once a month of Remicaid at the doctor’s office.

Through my daughter, who recently received her doctorate in Ayurveda medicine, and Joy Hewitt-Kind at Comfort and Joy, I pursued alternative treatments. In addition to Joy's regular acupuncture treatments, she introduced me to the benefits of the MRS Mat. She also introduced me to Intramax and Intramin carbon-based liquid vitamins and performed muscle testing to regulate any food and/or allergy sensitivities – all with the end result of bringing my body into balance.

Between changes in diet, taking herbs and supplements, and using the MRS Mat, I’ve been able to reduce my ENBREL injections to every two to three weeks as needed. My rheumatoid doctor is amazed at my test results. When he asked why I was paying so much for my alternative treatments, I reminded him that people don't die of rheumatoid arthritis; they die of organ failure due to taking Western meds. He raised his eyebrows and didn’t argue with me.

I feel great. As I get older, I've found that I don't have to give up any of the activities that I’ve done all my life due to the rheumatoid arthritis, including playing tennis multiple times a week, bike riding, and going to yoga.

Source: Maggie B.'s Review 1/9/2011 from

Added to Joy's website: November 5, 2012

Joy came as a recommendation via a friend of a friend. I only had to visit once to know that she would become like family to me. I truly believe that she helped me to get pregnant (after months and months of trying); that she was instrumental in not only alleviating common pregnancy symptoms (such as morning sickness and headaches), but also in keeping my cervix strong and helping me carry my twin (!) girls to 37 1/2 weeks; that in the final days of my pregnancy, she helped prepare my body for the challenges of labor and a vaginal delivery; and that once my babies were born (two weeks ago), she helped my breast milk come in sooner and stronger.

I genuinely feel that it was because of Joy's support and expertise that I was able to vaginally deliver both of my babies. Happy, healthy, and perfect. 

Her office -- which she shares with Harmony's Family -- is welcoming, soothing, and so comfortable. Joy is super flexible with busy schedules and I've already sent three close friends to see her.

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