Joint arthritis is the inflammation of the synovial membrane that lines joints and tendon sheaths. This can lead to loss of movement and erosion of the joint surface, causing deformity and loss of function.


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November 5, 2012

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Rheumatoid Arthritis

Carole K. of Centennial CO

I have been a rheumatoid arthritis patient for more than 20 years. I have had yearly x-rays and blood tests in which my body is checked for thinning of the bones and elevated levels of synovial fluid in the joints – both characteristic of rheumatoid arthritis. For over 10 years, I have injected ENBREL, a Tier 4 designer drug, once a week. In talking to my doctor, my choices, if the rheumatoid gets worse, include higher doses and more frequent injections of ENBREL, HUMIRA (adalimumab), a mix of HUMIRA and/or ENBREL with a Methotrexate pill (very hard on the liver), or, if none of the above works, receive intravenous injections once a month of Remicaid at the doctor’s office.

Through my daughter, who recently received her doctorate in Ayurveda medicine, and Joy Hewitt-Kind at Comfort and Joy, I have pursued alternative treatments. In addition to Joy's regular acupuncture treatments for the rheumatoid, she introduced me to the benefits of the MRS Mat. She also introduced me to Intramax and Intramin carbon-based liquid vitamins and has performed muscle testing to regulate any food and/or allergy sensitivities – all with the end result of bringing my body into balance.

Between changes in diet, taking herbs and supplements, and using the MRS Mat, I’ve been able to reduce my ENBREL injections to every two to three weeks as needed. My rheumatoid doctor is amazed at my test results. When he asked why I was paying so much for my alternative treatments, I told him that people don't die of rheumatoid arthritis; they die of organ failure from taking Western meds. He raised his eyebrows and didn’t argue with me.

I feel great. As I get older, I've found that I don't have to give up any of the activities that I’ve done all my life due to the rheumatoid arthritis, including playing tennis multiple times a week, bike riding, and going to yoga.

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