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Susan Bickel MA

Susan Bickel MA has been a practicing psychotherapist since 2000. Her training in Spiritual Psychology, Energy Psychology, EFT, EMDR and Matrix Reimprinting have led to helping individuals relieve depression, anxiety, relationship and self-esteem issues. Many of Susan’s clients have had an alcoholic parent, and they struggle with the effects of that upbringing. 

Susan became interested in neurofeedback when she tried it for her own problems with ADD, and then found it to be helpful for many other problems, some of which did not respond to therapy, such as early childhood abuse and/or neglect. 

Neuroptimal Neurofeedback is a TRAINING for the brain so that it can REORGANIZE ITSELF.  When that happens, you feel calmer, happier, you have more clarity and are able to function better in your life. The training is effortless and relaxing. 

Areas that can be positively affected by Neuroptimal Neurofeedback include, but are not limited to: addiction, ADD/ADHD, anxiety and depression, PTSD, family relationships, sleep problems, chemo-brain (cancer therapy), peak performance, TBI (traumatic brain injury).  

Help for Successful Women Who Are Still Suffering From the Effects of Having an Alcoholic/Narcissistic/Neglectful Mother: 

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