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August 3, 2017

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Conscious Transformation Energy Session

Conscious Transformation Energy sessions are a deeply relaxing experience that allows an individual to experience rejuvenation in a short period of time that would normally take hours of rest. Recipients of energy sessions have reported an increased capacity to manage stress and greater access to states of peace and connectedness. 

Energy therapy is designed to harmonize the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. It is distinct in the focus on transformation for the individual at all levels. 

Practitioners go through extensive training and evaluation to develop and hone the skills necessary to facilitate energy sessions. The practitioner will work with your internal energy to create an optimal space to relax and de-stress as well as experience expanded states of awareness and deeper levels of inner peace. These states can include bliss, love, connection, excitement, rejuvenation and a sense of unity. 

One session can be an extraordinary experience. Multiple sessions over time create a cumulative effect that can generate a remarkable transformation in every aspect of your life. Ongoing sessions powerfully support the creation of new neural pathways to promote overall health and vitality.

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