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October 31, 2012

Pregnancy and Fertility | Pregnancy Loss  | Back

Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy loss of any kind, can be extremely challenging. It’s often harder to recover from a miscarriage than from labor and delivery.  Pregnancy loss is particularly difficult because a woman’s whole being is generating support for that new life when suddenly the process is stopped for whatever reason.

Healing from Miscarriage

In our society, often women are expected to move forward after a miscarriage as if nothing has happened. Chinese Medicine addresses healing after this event on many levels, physical, mental, emotional, and hormonal. Joy has genuine concern that a women in this process is deeply cared for and has an opportunity to fully recover and heal.

Preventing Miscarriage

Preventing miscarriage is an in-depth treatment process. Multiples miscarriages or unexplained miscarriages can be indicative of deeper and more complex issues which may require more serious, committed investigation. This includes when women have a deep sense of “knowing” they are pregnant and are unsettled when they start to menstruate. This is common when there is a very early pregnancy loss within two weeks of ovulation.

Chronic Miscarriage

The female reproductive system is very powerful but delicate and intricately related to her immune and endocrine systems.  The reproductive system is impacted by diet and lifestyle stresses in more powerful ways than we usually realize. Joy will work with you on an individual level to understand where the imbalance or disruption lies and begin to balance and strengthen your system to get and stay pregnant.


Comfort and Joy recognizes that abortion is also pregnancy loss and provides a safe space for healing and recovery from this experience.

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