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November 1, 2012

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Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy

Our cells are like an electric battery; subject to states of charge or depletion. Certain brain wave frequencies correspond with mental and physical reactions like stress, fear, nervousness, concentration and relaxation. The MRS Mat acts like a whole body battery recharger to increase the voltage in the cells, promoting oxygenation, alkalization and circulation.

While you are lying on it, the MRS Mat applies magnetic resonance stimulation (MRS)—low-frequency pulsing—that activates nearly every cell in your body. By combining electro-magnetic, optical and audible stimuli, the MRS Mat realigns your body's own frequency pattern and adjusts your individual Bio-rhythm to the earth's natural magnetic frequencies. It turns clumping blood cells into free-flowing blood cells.

Access to the MRS Mat is available at 4 Comfort and Joy. Using the MRS Mat on a regular basis is just basically good for your health.

Malfunctioning Cells Ideal Cells
malfunctioning cells ideal cells

Learn more about how the MRS Mat—the MRS 2000—works for you.

Video of fairly healthy cells before and after along with video of not-so-healthy cells before and after.



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