Acupuncture treatments help reduce back and hip pain, morning sickness, constipation, carpel tunnel, edema, and other pregnancy ailments.


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Pregnancy and Fertility


Acupuncture is VERY effective at increasing milk supply and mothers often see improvements after one visit. — More

Breech Babies

Chinese medicine techniques for turning breech babies. It is essential to work with an acupuncturist who specializes in pregnancy when considering using acupuncture to turn breech babies. — More

Fertility and Infertility

A blend of Eastern and support of Western Medicine can be used to determine and address underlying causes of infertility. — More

Labor Preparation

Acupuncture throughout pregnancy nourishes the body, reduces stress, and directs the proper body resources to a woman's reproductive organs to ease labor and childbirth. — More

Oxygen Therapy for Fertility

It has been my experience that a program combining acupuncture, dietary change, electromagnetic pulse therapy (MRS mat) and use of the hyperbaric chamber increases the probability of successful pregnancy. — More

Postpartum Hormone Balancing

A Chinese medical balancing treatment reduces new mama stress and stabilizes postpartum hormones very quickly when done around 2-3 weeks postpartum. — More


Acupuncture during pregnancy balances hormones and stress while nourishing the organs and systems of the body. — More

Pregnancy Loss

Chinese Medicine addresses healing after a pregnancy loss on many levels, physical, mental, emotional, and hormonal. — More

Seminal fluid

Seminal fluid, not just sperm supports conception. — More

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